I’m a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder Colorado where I’ve lived and worked since the 1980’s. My heart has been in human services all these years. My work has distilled down to the realization that it’s essential for human happiness, to slow down, connect to other people, and drop out of the defensive patterns that the fast-paced information age has thrust upon us all.

Slower is Faster

The body has a language that can be more easily understood by slowing down. With this approach Patricia’s clients report feeling more aware, regulated and resilient so they feel safe, happy and healthy and more effectively respond to life’s challenges.


In the last 30 years there has been a growing body of scientific, evidence based, research that supports the perennial wisdom that “slower is faster.” As I am a practical person I have looked for simple, direct, and powerful ways to teach people to slow down into a more meaningful and satisfying life. I now offer a widely researched method of learning this through the “Safe Sound Protocol” (SSP), which is a subtle audio listening method based on Polyvagal Theory, developed over decades of research by Dr. Stephen Porges.

The SSP uses sound to help regulate the nervous system. The benefits of a well regulated nervous system support more feelings of safety, calm and resiliency—thinking more clearly and creatively—connecting more openly, genuinely, and wholly. My approach with clients is kind, simple, and clear. Initially we work towards regulating the nervous system using SSP. At its very essence SSP helps to reshape patterns of defensiveness to establish patterns of safety and connection.

I offer psycho education as much as psychotherapy, to help my clients understand their own nervous system from a polyvagal perspective. Often my clients say they don’t understand themselves. They don’t understand why they feel the way they feel, or that what they feel in their bodies and what they say in their heads is incongruent. Through the SSP work, once safety and connection is created, we are able to get to the root causes of their issues and then the healing can begin. Over time, behaviors and thoughts begin to change, and my clients feel less stress, more resiliency, and have better social connections.

I bring decades of experience to my work with people. I have a Master’s in Psychology and Counseling. I’m a Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS), a Clinical Sexologist, and a Safe Sound Protocol Provider. I have multiple trainings in various yoga traditions. I owned a successful yoga studio and boutique in Boulder CO from 2015-2019. In 2020 I reopened my private psychotherapy practice, working primarily with people’s anxiety, stress, and trauma. I often use integrative yoga practices as a means to bring regulation and resiliency to the nervous system.

I moved to Boulder in 1988 for graduate school where I met my husband. We’ve raised our kids, as well as their dogs, in Boulder. I continue to be amazed at the beauty of the front range. I support balance in my life by spending lots of time in nature with our border collie, hiking, swimming, yoga, and quality time with family and friends–oh, and a good documentary always does the trick.

I’ve created a 5 week wellness program called “Slower is Faster” which uses a holistic approach to wellness to support participants in understanding who they truly are, helping them feel calmer, less reactive, and more resilient in their everyday life.

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