Harmony Within:

A One Day Yoga Retreat in the Foothills of Boulder

Be Yourself, So The People Looking For You Can Find You.

– Arlan Hamilton

Join me forHarmony Within,” a rejuvenating one-day yoga retreat where we’ll explore the intersection of Polyvagal Theory and Yoga principles. This immersive experience integrates breath, movement, and nervous system awareness to enhance your sense of well-being, foster connection, and deepen self-awareness.
Discover how these practices can harmonize body and mind, promoting health and vitality.

When: Sunday, September 8th 2024
Where: Nestled in the foothills of Boulder CO, location will be given upon registration

Cost:  $165.00
Light snacks will be provided

What to Expect:

Deep Dive into Polyvagal Theory: Understand the Green System (ventral vagal complex) and its role in promoting feelings of safety and social connection.

Yoga Practices: Practice Yoga Kriyas, Restorative yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation aimed at activating the Green System.

Interactive Sessions: Engage in discussions, and personal reflections to integrate these concepts into your daily life.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is perfect for yoga practitioners, mental health professionals, and anyone interested in the intersection of neuroscience and holistic wellness.

Economy of Generosity | Yoga Scholarship Fund

Sliding fee and Scholarships are available to ensure that the classes are accessible for all. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please email me and we’ll work something out. 

> Contribute to the Yoga Scholarship Fund

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